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Baker's standard is a leader in the production of bread improvers,bakery mix,substitutes and bread leaven.

The company products are successfully sold in many countries around the world. Established in 1997, it has been owned by a sole proprietor.
What is a bread improver?Why use a baking improver ?What is the role of bread improvers?
Bread improver are food additives that are added to flour. By bread improver we are managed processes in desired direction. It can be influenced on each parameter, such as volume of bread, freshness and softness, color of bread, mold inhibitors and the like.
Bread improvers also called dough enhancer are used easily-are added to the flour at the beginning of the mixing of all components-flour,bread yeast,salt and other products.
They are not used as independent food products, but are used in various solutions of technological problems. As a result, bakery improvers help provide the required quality to baked goods.
The use of such food additives is due to single-phase accelerated technologies for the production of bread, the instability of the quality of the resulting flour, a variety of properties of manufactured products, prolongation of the preservation of the freshness of products, and many other factors.
The purpose of the use of bread improvers is to always achieve the same high quality of the final product of bread and bakery products. At the same time, no changes in the usual technology should be made, regardless of the various technological obstacles of origin.
What specific tasks are solved of the different types of complex bread improvers:
• improving the quality of flour
• ensuring a high volume of bread In these types of bread where necessary
• variety of raw materials
• improving the properties of bread products, for example, increasing the shelf life
• improvement of production technologies
• shortening the duration of fermentation
• strengthening of gluten
• increasing water absorption capacity
• improvement of crumb structure
• increasing the yield of the finished product
• reducing the cost of dry substances
• increasing the level of gas formation in the dough
• adding less sugar or complete and remove
• ensuring more even baking throughout the volume of the bread
• protein enrichment of the final product- bread
• improvement and whitening of the crumb structure
• the formation of a crispy crust
• increasing nutritional value
Recommendations for using flour improvers
1. Маке the mixture as recommended by the manufacturer, taking into account the characteristics of flour, equipment and finished product.
Тhe standard procedure is to add bread improvers at the very beginning of the kneading of the flour and all other ingredients such as bread yeast, salt and others.
2. Increase the dough kneading time. This affects the strengthening and elasticity of gluten, increasing the degree of flour hydration.
3. Increase the amount of yeast if making frozen dough.
4.With some types of bread improvers it is necessary to Increase the moisture content of the dough by adding a little more water. This is due to the fact that the property of the improver is water absorption, which increases the yield of the finished product.this should be described in the instructions for use of the bread improver.
5. When making the dough, it is necessary to observe a certain temperature regime: no more than 26 ° С.
6. Shorten the dough fermentation process to half an hour.
7. Increase the detuning of the test to one and a half hours, while the temperature should be at least 38 ° C, and the relative humidity of the air 80%

Baker's standard

A perfect combination of ingredients for the improvement of wheat bread, buns, rolls and croissants. Bread improver for all kind of wheat bread, buns,loaf, rolls and croassants. Significant increases bread volume Improved shell-life, structure and softness. Enhances crust-color Improving the overall production technology.
For optimising the dough handling
-in mechanical dough processing
-in manual dough processing
-for different dough processing methods and dough temperatures

As a company established by bread producers for bread producers, we know perfectly each step of the processes of production of various bread and bread products. As we pay attention to the requests of our partners, we constantly work for maximum satisfaction of their needs.

Baker's standard
Baker's standard
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