Unica Bul bread leaven


Unica Bul bread leaven - Unique and no analogue bread leaven from Bulgaria.

The new production demands lead to necessity of greater modification of technological processes and greater intensification of the entire production process. On one side that indisputably resulted in advantages but on the other side it means rejection of what people call “the taste of good old times”.  That bread grandmother used to knead in the wooden bowl and to let it rise under cotton piece of fabric.

UNICA  BUL - was created to return exactly that out-of-date taste. UNICA BUL bread leaven contains a combination of meso- and thermophilic cultures with Lactobacillus bulgaricus as the leading one. The name of this strain of microorganisms originates from Bulgaria.

The uniqueness of the product lays in the fact that Lactobacillus bulgaricus lives and proliferates only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus is a very old bacterium.The territory of Bulgaria is an uninterrupted place during the glacial periods. It has survived from ancient times because of the lack of glacial ice in Bulgaria.

World food producers advertise their products with the phrase “with a taste of Bulgarian yoghurt”. UNICA BUL is put in as supplementary culture in the preparation of pre-ferment or directly in dough kneading. Bread and bread products made with UNICA BUL have unique rich taste and flavour and slightly sour odour which is typical for products with natural rising. They also have lovely appearance and structure.

UNICA BUL can be used in the production of bread, sourdough bread,pizza, loafs, doughnuts and other bread products.UNICA BUL leaven can also be used to produce gluten-free dough.

The main advantage is that no genetically modified lactic acid microorganisms are used in the starter cultures. Each individual culture has its own identity and is isolated from the latitudes of Bulgaria. Starter contributes to shaping the flavor of the finished product improves the souring of the dough and increases the shelf life of the bread.

Understanding the differences between users in different countries and the specificities of the markets we operate in, we offer the opportunity to develop starter cultures according to your desired technical requirements.

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