Our corporate culture

An important aspect of Baker's standard is always to be at the top of the wave. In this way, we discover new business horizons for our customers. Furthermore, the Bakers' standard has adopted internal rules with ethical norms. That in many cases exceed legal requirements.
Our motto is that "professionals work with professionals"

Integrity is one of our corporate values - together with leadership, flexibility and efficiency - and thus becomes a guideline for all our activities.

Doing business with integrity has always been at the heart of our corporate responsibility commitments. Integrity defines how we behave, wherever we are.

It guides us to do the right thing for the long-term success of Baker's standard ltd. Our goal is to produce and offer products of the highest quality together with the right technological solutions.

It is a long and complex process, starting with idea formation- going through a number of stages and ending with repeated testing under all kinds of conditions. As a result, we offer best-quality products and solutions. Each step of the production process is monitored and controlled in several ways.

We introduced an integrated system for cooperation between marketing, production, research and development, monitoring and patenting. We focus on process efficiency which conforms to our striving for maximum optimization.

The key principles of the production process are complete control on food and process quality and safety.

By offering products which conform to all food safety regulations and environmental standards, we contribute to developing healthy eating habits among mankind. We wish to make the world a primer and cleaner place and to leave a wide range of opportunities for development to next generations.

We consolidate our efforts towards cutting down on our energy consumption, fully recycling our packages and reducing emissions from our business activities.