Art & Science

Our R & D Laboratory allows us to put on a scientific basis everything related to Bread Improver Bread Ingredients and Starters. If your business is related to flour and bread production or different types of bakery products, then you may have found that processes are not always going well.

Since 1997, we have been offering our clients both technical and commercial advice to the highest standards. Our staff have extensive experience and knowledge in solutions to everything related to bread improvers, bread mixes, substitutes and leaven .

We are able to offer you ready-made solutions to maintain a consistently high standard of quality and prerequisites for a permanent presence in the markets in a pleasant tranquility.

Similarly our quality control laboratories can analyse any bacteriological activity in your finished products and prepare reports and recommendations accordingly. We emphasize the rationale of anticipating the emergence of possible questions. Our laboratories are able to do the following:
Flour analysis from either wheat or flour.

Raw materials analysis and bacteriological analysis

Our Research & Development laboratory can also be a key to the development of your business when you need us. Our knowledge of dough could save you a lot of time in researching new products.
Why not send us your technical questions or even give us a task to solve or a requirement to meet. Come and talk to us, in the strictest confidence of course.

For even better results, our company designs tailor-made preparations and bread improvers adapted to your production environment.

We can create a special product for you to use only from you and from no one else. In this way you will have a distinct border from the others .... you will have your own, inimitable brand!