Egg substitute

Egg substitutes

Egg substitutes

Our range of Egg replacer is a superior, all-natural egg substitute for all types of bread, dinner rolls, coffee cakes, hard rolls, sweet rolls, yeast raised donuts, brown & serve and most varieties of cookies.

We offer seven different types.

Eggs are found almost everywhere, or at least this is the first impression of people who for various reasons should avoid them.

It is difficult to replace the egg in a dish where it is at the center of the plate (omelette or scrambled eggs), but there are still foods that successfully handle the task in bakery, salads, pancakes, bread and more.Eating allergy to eggsEggs are made up of different proteins. While most people are allergic to the protein, there are ones that are allergic to egg yolks. It is advisable to avoid both.

Which foods should be avoided in an allergy to eggs:

sweet cakes and pasta;mayonnaise;egg substitutes that contain ovalbumin;foods containing ovalbumin;some macaroni and soups;egg proteins;cupped bread;ice cream;pancakes;semi-finished products;candy;sausages;some caffeinated beverages in which the eggs are used to support the foam (cappuccino, for example);marzipan;sauces (e.g., chalanda and tartar);some sorts of salad dressing, etc.

Read the labels.People with food allergies have to make a habit of constantly reading food labels and are well aware of the alternative food names into which they are intolerant (or want to avoid for other reasons).

As for eggs, they can be “hidden” in the description behind ingredients such as: albumin, globulin, lecithin E322, lysozyme E1105, ovalbumin, ovavitin, egg yolk, egg white, levestin, ovomucoid.

When you need to eat in a restaurant or similar, inform yourself about the food you plan to order (avoid soups, some sauces, cooked items, bread, desserts).

People who have an allergy to a specific food should also check the cosmetics they use (shampoos, creams, lotions).

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