E Free Bread Improver is modern multipurpose bread additive. This bread improver is guaranteed free from all substances that are systemized with the European system of markings E number.E Free Bread improver can be used for the direct, retarded or the interrupted fermentation process .

Delivering the best bread possible to consumers without cutting back in any way on safety or the standards of the craft (blister control properties in slow proving, finished products that satisfy consumer expectations,etc.) is a real challenge.

As long as the flour used contains no additives either, the industrial operator can therefore highlight the fact that its bread is completely additive-free.

Example recipe :
Total weigh : 12,500 g
Yeast Dried 165 g or the equivalent of fresh yeast. Information on the amount of fresh yeast to be used can be found on the pack of the yeast itself. This information is individual to the different yeast manufacturers.Typically, 100 g of dry yeast corresponds to 250 g of fresh yeast.
Water (Variable) 8,400 mL

Put all ingredients in a spiral mixer along with the E free bread improver. Add the required dose of water. It is desirable that the water does not contain chlorine. Mix on slow for 2 minutes and then 6-8 minutes on fast or until dough has fully developed.
Remove dough from the mixer and scale into desired weights.
Mould round and rest for 10 minutes – covered.
Final mould into desired shapes and place on trays, into tins or floured proofing baskets.
Proof for approximately 55-65 minutes.
Bake at 210-230°C for 20-30 minutes depending on dough weight.
Vent for 5 minutes prior to the end of baking.
Storage imstructions:

Store in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: 12 months

Opening of the packaging requires quality closure. This ensures excellent storage of the product remaining in the package.

May contain milk , egg,cereals,gluten and soy

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